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Charity through Art (CHAART) Foundation

Charity through Art (CHAART) Foundation


Since its founding in 2008, Charity through Art (CHAART) Foundation has organized several individual performances and six major group dance productions to raise funds for charities serving humanitarian causes. This endeavor was made possible through contributions from generous individuals and organizations — in cash through sponsorship/donation/matching contribution, or in kind by providing free or discounted services that would otherwise have cost us more money.  We are pleased to honor those major contributors who have helped us immensely in the past by enshrining their names on our CHAART Wall of Gratitude. For the upcoming event on March 25, 2023, we would love for you to donate to CHAART or sponsor the event with a donation of $5000. All your donations will go towards CHAART matching contributions at the charity dinner on March 25. Major donors will be mentioned at the event.

To donate to CHAART Foundation, please click Here.

CHAART Wall of Gratitude

Sponsors of Current and Past Events


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