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Charity through Art (CHAART) Foundation

Charity through Art (CHAART) Foundation

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Thank you so very much for donating. Please answer the following few questions so we may channel your donations to your designated charities. Please provide your contact information. Please note that we will not share your contact info with anyone and we will only call you if necessary and if you are not reachable by email.

Please state the TOTAL amount you wish to donate to the ten benefiting charities. Note that the entire amount will be credited to CHAART Foundation, which will match your contribution based on its financial ability and distribute to the ten benefiting charities as per your allocation preferences. Our suggested total donation is US$100 or equivalent. But you may donate any total amount between US$10 and $10,000 or equivalent. No amount is big or small when it goes for a good cause! Also you may donate in US$, Indian Rupees (INR) or any other currency. Please

Please state how you wish to distribute your donation among the ten benefiting charities by indicating the percent (%) of the total amount you wish to donate to each charity. Please indicate only the % number (no need to add %). The total should add up to 100. Once we receive your donation and allocation preference, we will compile and send the donations to each charity on a quarterly basis, along with our matching contributions. Note that while CHAART Foundation is not mandated to distribute per your preference, we will do our best to comply with your desire. Also note that CHAART is included as one of the ten benefiting charities as If you want us to allocate your donation equally among the ten charities, you may skip the question.

[Also note that CHAART Foundation is listed below as one of the ten benefiting charities. CHAART is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the USA and donations allocated to CHAART will help us continue to bring art performances and increase matching contributions.]

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