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Charity through Art (CHAART) Foundation

Charity through Art (CHAART) Foundation

Banquet Passes

$100 per person; $150 at gate
Half-table: 5 seats=$500
Full-table: 10 seats = $1000

give back

Thank you for supporting charity and art through your purchase of banquet passes. Your purchase can be done in four simple steps.

Step1: Decide how many banquet passes you wish to buy

  • For purchase prior to March 24, donor-banquet passes are $100 per person; payment to be made by check to CHAART Foundation, by Zelle through your bank or with credit/debit card on this website.
  • On event day, Saturday March 25, donor-banquet passes will be available only at the gate for $150. Payment to be made only by cash, or check made to CHAART Foundation.
  • Each banquet pass includes one seat for CHAART gala banquet after the event at the hall below the theater from 8 pm to 9.30 pm.
  • Charity through Art (CHAART) Foundation will donate (give back) $80 in your name for every banquet-pass you purchase and distribute it to one or more of the five supporting charities that you designate at the dinner event – AIM For Seva, Akshaya Patra, NTFB, Pratham, and Sivanananda Saraswathi Sevashram.
  • Charity through Art (CHAART) Foundation will further enhance your donation at the CHAART gala banquet with money received from our sponsors at that time.
  • Thus, you, your family and friends not only enjoy good food, but also the rewarding, philanthropic experience of significantly helping poor children in need of food and education.
  • We encourage you to buy banquet passes in bulk to reflect your generosity and for staying together as a group.
  • You can buy half table for $500 that allows up to 5 guests seated together at the dinner table.
  • You can buy full table for $1000 that allows up to 10 guests seated together at the dinner table.
  • Tables and seats for the CHAART banquet are limited. So, please hurry!
  • $100 banquet passes are only for admission to CHAART gala dinner. $100 tickets to watch the dance show should be purchased separately.

Step 2: Provide your contact and purchase information

Once you have decided on the number of banquet passes you are buying, please complete the following information. Your email id is required to send the confirmation upon receiving your payment. We will contact you by phone only if we cannot reach you by email. Information you provide on this website is end-to-end encryption protected. Please hit Submit once you have provided all the information.

Step 3: Pay the total amount

Please pay the total amount (# of passes times $100) to Charity through Art (CHAART) Foundation. Payment can be made in one of three ways:

Online by credit/debit card. Please click here to pay by card.

To CHAART account – email id:

Check made out to CHAART Foundation and mailed to

3629 Mistyglen Drive, Plano, TX 75025.

Step 4: Receive payment confirmation and digital tickets

Upon receiving your payment, we (CHAART) will send you confirmation and tickets by email. For security purposes, we may also give you physical tickets or wrist bands at the gate. or wrist band at the gate.

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